Work ︎︎︎ To Come Within Reach of You (Gunnar Heldebro, Hässelby Strandväg 55, 165 65 Hässelby, Sweden)

Installation images courtesy of:
1. Tabitha Jussa at Open Eye Gallery (Liverpool, UK)
2. Finnish Museum of Photography (Helsinki)
3. Hendrik Zeitler at Galleri Box (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Artist Statement

Since my parents divorce, my father became a stranger to me. I did not even know exactly where he lived. After searching his name on the internet to find out more about his new life, I traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, to secretly follow him.

I watched him unnoticed, without allowing him the opportunity to affect my conception of him. I allowed myself access to every facet of his world, including his home where he lives together with his girlfriend and her two children.

While the series explores my obsession to understand him and to make sense of his earlier, unexpected life changes, the image of his identity emerges, in many ways, as arbitrary.

© Johanna Heldebro 2009 - 2021